The first official blog entry to Cat in a Dog’s World

Hi  – I’ve always been pathetic about blogging, but here goes a sincere attempt…

I have been given the honor of being a dad to two great young men, Leland and Julian.  At this point, Leland has just completed his sophomore year at DePauw – he loves it and he’s doing great.  Our younger son Julian has autism, which has pretty much defined our lives since he was about 2.  He’s 17 now and just completed his 3rd year of public high school special ed programs, but we’re very excited to say that he’ll begin at Bishop Luers High School in a beta program for kids with cognitive issues this fall.

If I’m successful at blogging beginning this summer, I would like to chronicle these remaining years of high school to track our success and failures and hopefully provide something of value to other families dealing with autism and/or special needs.

Please check back to see how we’re doing!


Dave Nelson