coolcatlistenandbuyA Cool Cat In A Dog’s World is a collection of local (Fort Wayne, Indiana) jazz artists. We wanted to create a musical chronicle of the journey from the birth of our wonderful, special children to the realization that we had been blessed with a child on the Autistic Spectrum and all the implications that come with that.



hotcatlistenandbuyA Hot Cat In A Dog’s World is a collection of a local (Fort Wayne, Indiana) artists across a broad musical spectrum. Our working theme in putting this together was “an eclectic mix of summer fun”. Our hope is that this is something you can listen to while lounging at the pool or cruisin’ with the windows down. Each of the songs held some special context for us in relation to raising our kids and we hope you’ll find some special connection as you listen to this offering.

hopefullistenandbuyA Hopeful Cat In A Dog’s World is also a bit of an eclectic offering; however, in a more subdued and relaxed mood. This was released in February and our thinking was creating something that would be good to listen to, grab a cup of tea or a mug of cocoa, and curl up under a blanket with a good book and let the wind outside howl. “Hopeful Cat” is probably our most introspective compilation to date. Many of the songs reference the life and struggles of the individuals and loved ones who deal with life on the Spectrum on a daily basis. Click here for “Hopeful Cat” graphics.


 reverentlistenandbuyA Reverent Cat In A Dog’s World is a work that, like Cool Cat, takes us on a journey. We were fortunate to be able to work with primarily national artists in compiling this CD. Reverent Cat is a musical adventure following us as we move from a self-reliant perspective of life towards a realization of a more eternal perspective. Having children on the Spectrum quickly brings us to the understanding of just how far our good intentions can carry us and how the need to trust in someone greater than ourselves becomes essential to the success, understanding, and love of these precious people.